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Devdan Performs Its 200th Show

12 June 2012

Time passed since our soft opening in June 2011 and we reached our 200th performance on Friday, June 8, 2012. The staff of Bali Nusa Dua Theatre, the whole cast and crew of the magnificent Devdan gathered on the stage after the show that went impeccably smooth that night.

In the 200th show celebration, we didn't have a cake like the last time when we celebrated the 100th show, but we prepared something very special. We had a festive traditional Indonesian 'Tumpeng' – a yellow rice dish shaped like a mountain surrounded by assorted of dishes, such as fried chicken, steamed vegetable with grated coconut, and eggs – altogether a symbol of gratitude for abundance and blessings. The top of 'tumpeng' is cut and handed to the most important person in the celebration. Mr. Stephen Lomax, GM of BNDT, did the cutting and gave the top of the cone-shaped rice to Johan Didik, our Stage Manager. The rest of us joined the feast and enjoyed the dishes heartily.

Also joined in the joyful celebration, Ms. Peny Setyowati and Mr. Ricko Rizal, winners of Devdan's 200th Show Quiz. For Ms. Setyowati, the Friday's performance was her third time watching Devdan and she expressed her excitement as if it were the first time. May Devdan show continue being, in Mr. Rizal's word, "Beyond spectacular!" in many years to come.

Please check out the pictures of the celebration here.