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"Devdan Private Show - BALI Vaganza 2016 by Semen Merah Putih"

31 May 2016

On May 25 until May 28, 2016, Bali Nusa Dua Theatre got a visit from a large group of Semen Merah Putih Indonesia. For 90 minutes each day, even two times show in a day, the 3,000 participants of Bali Vaganza 2016; the theme of the event brought by Semen Merah Putih to all their valued partners, enjoyed the private show for 4 days in a row. All participants are satisfied with the show. Devdan always be the first choice to watch cultural performances from all over Indonesia. The loud applause always sounded from the stands every time the dance scene changed. "Memorable and will not be forgotten" said one of the audience from Semarang after watching and taking pictures with the whole dancer Devdan Show. Thanks Semen Merah Putih, we will be waiting for the next visit!


Devdan Show is a 90-minute performance showcasing the culture of Indonesia through the combination of traditional, aerial, and contemporary dances. The story starts with 2 kids finding five cultural things from five big islands in Indonesia: songket from Sumatera, keris from Java, udeng from Bali, horn from Kalimantan, and koteka Papua. More information, visit