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British Embassy watch Devdan Show in Bali Nusa Dua Theatre

29 April 2013

Bali Nusa Dua Theatre was given honor to be visited by the Her Majesty British Consul for Indonesia and Timor Leste, Ms. LaylaSlatter. She came to Bali Nusa Dua Theatre on April 29, 2013 along with Mr. Mark Wilson as British Honorary Consul for Bali and The British Pro Consul for Bali Ms. NilnaInShofa.

Ms. Layla Slatter is currently residing in Jakarta, due to her office location. She visited Bali to visit the British consul office and she is interested to watch Devdan show in Bali Nusa Dua Theatre, so we felt honored to welcome her and her staff in Bali Nusa Dua Theatre to watch Devdan show.

After the show, we asked Ms. Layla about her impression of Devdan show and she excitedly told us that she loves everything about it, from the costume, the lighting, the dances and the stage special effects. She could not even pick her most favorite scene or part of the show when we asked because she said everything was just so beautiful and perfect. Her comment was "This show really showcased the beauty of Indonesian culture and it is really a good way to promote Indonesian culture to the world." At the end of our meeting, she only gave us a little suggestion about the video we put on our website (,that it was too ordinary to showcase compared to the reality of this wonderful show.