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Devdan Celebrates its 400th Show

25 May 2013

All Devdan crew, staff and artist were happily and proudly celebrating Devdan's 400th shows on May 25th, 2013. It was never an easy way to reach what Devdan show has accomplished until today, but everyone's hard work has make it possible for Devdan to keep performing a spectacular show and hit the number 400 this May.

We had cakes, ice creams and also "tumpeng" of yellow rice that day which made everyone were enjoying the celebration. Devdan's General Manager, Ms. LaurentiaLIlis, gave a little speech at the beginning about how a team should work together to make this company even bigger in the future. A short session of blowing candles on cake and cutting the "tumpeng" were followed after before everyone were excitedly tasting the foods while chatting with each other.

With all the effort that all Bali Nusa Dua Theatre team had done and will do in the future, and never ending support from others, Devdan show hopes to keep performing an excellent show for everyone for the next 500th, 600th, 1000th and even more shows.

Here are some pictures taken from the celebration