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Devdan Show welcomes its new Director of Stage Production.

1 July 2011,

Starting the first of July 2011 we have a new member of the team and his name is Jeffery A. Stafford. Jeff hails from the United States of America and has over twenty years experience in the theatre in America and abroad. Early on in his career Jeff actually started out as an Actor,eventually working every possible position within established theatres throughout America. He position in our theatre organization is as Director of Stage Production. Over the past few months prior to opening the theatre and presenting our show to the general public there was a lot of intense practice sessions. During these intense sessions the chorographers, artistic consultants for dance, acrobatics, sound and lighting put a lot of hard work, time and effort into producing a world-class show that we now have. Now that they have gone and we have started the operation of the theatre, it is Jeff?s primary duty to make sure that we all stay consistent and on an upward track with the show. Jeff views the show daily and notes little things that he discusses daily with the dancers, stage crew, the engineering team and I. Jeff is also quite a creative guy and he and I have come up with a few ideas for new features of the show as well as on-going improvement to the theatre operation. I am confident that with Jeff on board, we will not only maintain the very important consistency of our show, but we will actually be able to improve upon what we already have.