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Little Bali Love Loves Devdan

10 May 2013

Jemma Reynolds was one of travel writers who loves Bali so much. When we asked her, if it was her first time coming to Bali, she said no and added that this was actually about her eighth times visiting Bali with her husband and children. That's how she got a lot of information about the various places in Bali, which she happily shares to the world through her website

"Spectacular" was the first word she said when we asked about her impression after watching Devdan show. She said she loves everything about it from the costume, stage effect to the dances. Her favorite part of the show was the duo strap in Borneo scene, while her children really enjoyed the monkey interaction with the audiences. Her children were having a lot of fun watching the performance.

Overall, the show was impressive, and she would definitely recommend this show to everyone who will visit Bali through her website.

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