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Every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday at 19:30 Wita
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Soft Opening of Devdan Show

26 June 2011

Devdan Show Soft opening on 26 June 2011.The over-all general cleaning of the entire theatre, both inside and out was nearly 100% complete by mid-day on June 26, 2011. The only preparation remaining was for the team to put up the Balinese umbrellas and erect the thirty some oddUmbul-umbul and then, we would be ready to receive our first guests. Today is the day all of us thought, as many Bali?s top elite was expected to arrive for our pre-opening show scheduled for that day, along with many other important guests such as the top travel agents and hoteliers from around the island as well as the owners VIP guests including high-ranking government officials. The team from the hotel that catered our standing cocktail party arrived at 12.00, impeccably on time, and started to set-up. We all thought, just a few short hours and we should be ready to ?rock & roll? so to speak. Everybody was extremely nervous with anticipation as the first guests started to arrive starting at around 4 pm, and then shortly after that the Governor of Bali arrived to help us inaugurate our show and the official pre-opening of our theatre. In all, the day went very well, we had a few unanticipated snags, as you always do when first opening. But the important thing was that all the guests gave very positive and extremely good comments about the quality of the show, the dancers performance and the overall atmosphere of the theatre. Most importantly we received very good feedback from his Excellency the Governor of Bali, and he left us with a very nice written testimony to how much he liked the show.