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In The House: Triesna Jero Wacik

12 October 2012

Mrs. Triesna Jero Wacik – the wife of the Minister of Energy and Natural Resources and Chair of ministers' spouses organization (SIKIB) – was among the audience members of "Devdan – Treasure of the Archipelago" on Wednesday, October 10, 2012. Ibu Triesna, as she is often called, came especially to attend the show, having learned that the 90-minute performance is a showcase of Indonesian cultures.

As the Chairwoman of SIKIB, she is known for her active involvement in many life quality enhancing programs, such as Green Indonesia, Creative Indonesia, Smart Indonesia, Healthy Indonesia and Indonesia Cares. Ibu Triesna is also a keen aficionado of Indonesian hand embroidery that she considers part of Indonesian heritage. She is the founder and chairwoman at Indonesia Hand Embroidery Foundation.

Commenting on "Devdan – Treasure of the Archipelago", Ibu Triesna wrote:

Fantastic! The show deserves to be the pride of the nation. Wishing [Devdan] continued success and may [Devdan] inspire Indonesian dancers. Congratulations!

[Sungguh istimewa!! Pertunjukan ini pantas menjadi kebanggan Indonesia. Semoga terus Berjaya dan menginspirasi penari-penari Indonesia. Selamat!]

Furthermore, the lady who is proud of being an Indonesian said that she would tell her husband, Minister Jero Wacik - who headed the RI Government's Ministry of Tourism prior to his current assignment, to watch "Devdan, Treasure of the Archipelago" the next time he visits Bali. She believes, as we at Bali Nusa Dua Theatre also believe, that the show is something the nation should be proud of.