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Every Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday at 19:30 Wita

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Zheng Xincong (郑新聪) - Government Representative, Peoples Republic of China

"集印尼民族文化之精华。古典与现代的完美结合!(all of the Indonesian culture collaborated in this great show)
中国福建泉州市人民政府 (the classical and contemporary are mixed together with the harmony of the beautiful performance)"

Steve - Indonesian Idol 4

"Keren abis pengen ikutan jadinya. So I love Indonesia is the best –Mantap- !" (This is sooo cool. I wish to be able to join this performance on the stage. So I love Indonesia is the best. Superb!)

Tesa - Indonesian Idol 6

"Gak bisa ngomong apa-apa. Bagus Banget !?! T.O.P Banget" ( I am speechless. Its really good and T.O.P.)

Jay Subiakto - Famous Indonesian Movie & Video Clip Director

"Devdan, akrobatik yang menawan. Majukan terus kesenian Indonesia !" (Devdan, enchanting acrobatics. Keep continuing to bring Indonesian Arts forward ! )

His Excellency I Made Mangku Pastika - Governor, Province of Bali

"It's a wonderful performance, ide yang cemerlang dan suatu hal yang membanggakan –INDONESIA-" (It's a wonderful performance, a brilliant idea and something to be proud of in Indonesia)

Matthew Jessner - Project Artistic Director, The House of Dancing Water

"I had the great pleasure of seeing the show "Devdan, Treasures of the Archipelago" in Nusa Dua, Bali. What an unsuspected pleasure to find such a developed theatrical project there. The multi-talented cast takes us through an adventure that is the diversity of Indonesian culture in an overview that is very beautiful yet not pretending to be comprehensive – and without falling into standard folkloric representation. A modern touch along with professional staging and a sophisticated theatrical treatment make this show not only something that must be seen when in Bali, but indeed – a treasure of the archipelago".

Mrs. Mari Elka Pangestu - Indonesia's Minister of Tourism & Creatuive Economy

Congratulations for the extraordinary show! National identity and character packed in a contemporary style; entertaining, but still with a narrative capturing Indonesia's rich cultural diversities. It's truly something we should be proud of; comparable with shows produced abroad. Keep it up!

04 May 2012

Ibu Sukmawati Soekarnoputri

Awesome! Very Lovely Indonesia! Love you all.
~ Ibu Sukma

21 May 2012

Triesna Jero Wacik - the wife of the Minister of Energy and Natural Resources and Chair of ministers' spouses organization (SIKIB)

Fantastic! The show deserves to be the pride of the nation. Wishing [Devdan] continued success and may [Devdan] inspire Indonesian dancers. Congratulations!

[Sungguh istimewa!! Pertunjukan ini pantas menjadi kebanggan Indonesia. Semoga terus Berjaya dan menginspirasi penari-penari Indonesia. Selamat!]

10 October 2012
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Sherina Munaf - singer & composer

A beautiful amalgamation of Indonesian dances from coast to coast. Highly entertaining! Definitely a must-see show!

Rani Mukherjee (Indian Actress)

Incredible Indonesia!
Incredible DEVDAN!
A true Indonesian Experience!!! Spectacular!!! Wish the entire cast and crew the very best!!
Had a great time watching the show!!!

Emilia Contesa (DPD/MPR Indonesia)

Ruarr Biasa…!! Sungguh tontonan yang sangat menarik! Tradisional yang dimix dengan seni modern Sukses, maju terus, untuk seni budaya Indonesia

Hermawan Kartajaya (President of World Marketing Association and co-founder of Asia Marketing Federation)

DEVDAN is the Indonesian WOW-experience through dance.

I Made Mangku Pastika (Governor of Bali )

It's really make me proud
Agar terus disempurakan

Feni Rose (Indonesian presenter)


Bambang Dwi Hartono - (Mayor of Surabaya 2002 - 2010)

Bagus Sekali menyatukan seni nusantara dalam harmoni

Mr. Gurjit Singh (Ambassador of India to Indonesia & Timor Leste)

A superb journey full of life and joy showing us the splendid culture of the wonderfull Indonesa1 Devdan is spectacular alive and a joyful experience!

Butet Kertaradjasa - Indonesian Actor & Film Center

Sebagai usaha menggambarkan Indonesia, bolehlah,..meskipun sesungguhnya bisa lebih unik dan menarik dari yang kali ini

Mimmi Barbie (Socialite Jakarta)

Marvelous, Excellent and Amazing
I love Indonesia and Devdan too

Ari Tulang (Indonesian actor/performance director)

Tontonan yang sangat menghibur!
Menyaksikan Nusantara dalam kemasan cabaret pop yang Festive dan menarik!
Terus berkarya dan menampilkan hiburan serta tontonan yang berkelas!

Jenderal (Purn) Sutanto

"The event that presented in Devdan was really interesting. In the event we could witness the diversity and richness of our culture. The existence of "Devdan" should be promoted to all of the people in Indonesia and also to foreign tourists so they are interested to come to Bali. Salute "Devdan".

Sandra Dewi - Indonesian Artist

Touched & Proud! I am very grateful to Devdan Show, which has given me the opportunity to watch the show and be part of Devdan Show. Within 90 minutes of the show, we could see all the dances from Java, Bali, Sumatra, Papua and Kalimantan. I cannot choose which dance from which island that I liked the most, because every region has its own distinctive characteristics.. To the younger generation, all the people of Indonesia, and to the whole world, when you are in Bali do not forget to watch Devdan Show because if not us who loved the art of our nation's children. Who else? ... For me Devdan Show repacking the dance across our region with a spectacular and extraordinary way.. Thanks.

Tracy Trinita - Indonesian Artist

The show was fantastic.. So Proud of your hardwork in presenting Indonesian culture treasure. I will come back and bring many friends.. I Love Indonesia

Sandy Aulia - Indonesian Actress / Fashion Designer

Always success!

Prof. Dr. Pratikno, M.Soc.Sc. - Minister Secretary of State

"What an Incredible performance!!! A highly cultural artwork that showcase our archipelago, perfectly mixed with creativity and modernity. Bhineka Tunggal Ika, Cultural diversity of Indonesia that inspired the world. As the children of nation, we deliver our gratitude and highest award"

H. Dadang M. Nasser - Regent of Bandung

It’s great and so amazing! Great collaboration between traditional and modern dance. It’s match between dance music and lighting. Devdan Show should be watched for Indonesian people.

H.E. Iwan Suyudhie Amri - Indonesian Embassy for Pakistan

As Indonesian and represent Indonesian in Pakistan, I am proud to see the cultural richness of archipelago, that’s shown extraordinary and so fascinating. On duty to take the tour operators from Pakistan to know Indonesia tourism products, Devdan Show is a spectacular show, that can attract foreigners to know about Indonesia.

Giuseppe Pino Confessa – Honorary Consul of Italy in Bali

A fantastic performance for all the tourist whom come in Bali and for Balinese and Indonesian too to love the WONDERFUL INDONESIA!!!

Dian Sastrowardoyo - Indonesia actress

“The show was fantastic and fun. The kids enjoyed it. I would definitely recommend this to other parents.”

Vania F. Herlambang - Miss International Indonesia 2018

“This is the most exciting show I’ve watched! Devdan sums up almost all Indonesia traditional culture in such modern and attractive packaging.
Trust me, they won’t let you get bored even it only one second. Bravo Devdan Show!”

Meriam Bellina - Indonesian Actress

great- awesome-honestly proud! Great job

Wulan Guritno - Indonesian Actress

Briliant, fifferent Indonesia culture in one show combine with a touch of modern. Indonesia culture is such an adventure

Titiek Puspa - Indonesian Musician

Sejujurnya saya bangga sekali melihat pertunjukan Devdan Show yang sangat memukau. Cintai dan laksanakan Seni budaya Indonesia yang sangat indah dan agung ini selama-lamanya

Whulandary Herman - Miss Universe 2013

what a spectacular show! Amazing perfomance by the talented cast this show is one of the “must do” in Bali. From the east to west, a great celebration of Indonesia

Kevin Liliana - Miss International 2017

I literally got chills many times! I am proud Indonesian and realized that our country is amazing by rich country because of the customers & cultures! Please kindly spread the information of this show to your freind & your family so they could also amazed by Devdan Show! #pesonaindonesia

Dr. H. Emil Elestianto Dardak, M.Sc. - Vice Governor of East Java

Great Talent beautiful costumes & stage, impressive stage act & technique, great lighting & technology, all of which create a very big enjoyable show in this great venue. All the best! & we enjoy it very much! It was the best 90 minutes much love.